What is the Ultimate Race Book?

The URB is the only place that has the most accurate information when it comes to horse racing in New Zealand. You can now get accurate data specific to each horse and the upcoming race. What if you could determine who will lead, who will trail and who has the fastest times over the closing section of the race. With that information you have the edge.

How does the URB get the information?

Horses wear a GPS tracking device during the race which provide a wealth of information specific to that horse. Every 200 metres data is recorded including the actual distance travelled, margin from the leader, their time (down to 100’s of a second) and position. Currently the URB provide the fields for Addington racing only. This is because only Addington racing GPS track their horses, but watch this space. The URBs ultimate goal is to have all harness and thoroughbred horse racing in New Zealand GPS tracked, but until then enjoy this free service.

What is time equivalent (or time equiv)?

Race sectionals have always been measured based off the leading horse. This is only remotely accurate if the leading horse at the start of the sectional (i.e. the mile marker) is also the leading horse at the finish line, but even then it isn’t 100% accurate. It is time to compare apples with apples. Time equiv calculates the average speed of each horse from one marker to the next and then divides it by the exact distance the individual horse has run for that sectional.

Let’s better explain time equiv with an example. You and your mate have a running race around a 400m track. You start on the inside lane and your mate starts on the outside lane. A very hard-fought race is run and the result is a dead heat with the clock stopping at 60 seconds. You both won - congratulations, but your mate obviously ran much faster than you because they were on the outside lane. You ran 400m, so your time equiv is 60 seconds, but the distance on the outside lane is about 460m so their time equiv is about 52 seconds.

We can now accurately measure how fast every horse has run. Think of the horse who is in last place, swings round the bend five wide and finishes two lengths off the winner. Often the fastest horse in the race does not finish in the top three.

How do I contact the URB?

If you represent a club and/or racecourse and are interested in learning more about GPS tracking horses at your location or if you just have some general feedback, then please get in touch with the URB at info@theurb.co.nz

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